Our reputation is based undoubtedly on the exceptional quality of the services we provide, which is why it is vital for us to have constantly trained both in dealing with customers and the latest techniques and means of photography that emerge every day. To this end we call on our expert staff to participate in workshops and professional training plans regularly at our headquarters and collaborating centers. In the first phase of recruitment we offer you an intensive training course in different styles of photography, sales techniques and digital image processing taught by a specialist. The course ends with practice sessions and assessment of skills assimilated. The training is not limited to the photograph itself but also includes the development and potentiation of social skills by considering essential elements such as socialization skills, discipline, availability, and knowledge of a foreign language besides English, among others. Throughout the training you will have constant support through all media at our disposal and in the framework of regular meetings where questions and doubts you have or that may arise as you get into the wonderful world of turist photographer we will respond.

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