While the image that captures our photographic lens is something that remains immovable over the years, the art of photography is always evolving. We are fully aware that the ideal picture must be taken by expert hands as those of our team that are trained to offer a top quality product.

Our professionals are used to working in diverse facilities hospitality as a partner more and get to be perceived by tourists as staff of these facilities, which are active part of the pursuit and achievement of positive assessments by the tourists not only with respect to our company MG FOTOART but also your hotel or resort. In this context strict respect of your local codes and regulations is guaranteed by our experts. Among the obligations to be fulfilled by our team we can list the following:

Take pictures throughout the day, especially in the context of the most important activities of the day such as games, contests, theme nights, etc.
Maintaining a dynamic and flexible attitude in professional photo shoots adapting to the essence of your facility and its surroundings, and seeking to exploit and maximize the main features of the place.
It will be vital to continuing vocational training focused on specialization in portrait photography in tourist areas.
Given that our professionalism is not at odds with fun, should contribute to the entertainment of tourists by encouraging interaction based on confidence and self-assurance.

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