Through professional photography service that offers MG FOTOART emerges a new concept whose main focus is on tourists nationally and internationally. Given his extensive experience and his expert team gets easily integrate their services in the various tourist packs that are offered to visitors and enjoy the island at your facility, becoming so an added value for your company.

MG FOTOART capture with his lens where it were the most special moments of tourists and immortalize their way through your site instantly becoming an indelible experience. Thanks to the programs we have, the tourist has permanent access to your photos. In each of the images is captured good humor, zeal and professionalism that characterizes us. Similarly, constant communication and advice we provide to tourists in their interaction with the photos that certainly we guarantee full satisfaction of it before a high quality service such as MG FOTOART offers.

It is no secret that obtaining a positive assessment is the best reward for a service rendered. Therefore, the team of artists Photo MG FOTOART receive a thorough training aimed at ensuring the tourist service exceptional quality in a relaxed atmosphere that inevitably pervade memories of the visitor about the place, your facilities, holidays and all what UD. as hotelier has been able to offer its passage through the island. Thus, the inclusion of services FOTOART MG is synonymous with benefits for your business.



Our intense years of experience in the art of photography in the tourist environment allows us to ensure without fear that MG FOTOART is an ally that will add value to their leisur...



While the image that captures our photographic lens is something that remains immovable over the years, the art of photography is always evolving. We are fully aware that the ideal picture must...


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