ADVANTAGES TO CONSIDER · Extra Income for hotel · Easy integration · Expert staff at our expense · Added value to the experience of the tourist · Fast printing on paper and / or CD with a picture and the hotel's logo


Our intense years of experience in the art of photography in the tourist environment allows us to ensure without fear that MG FOTOART is an ally that will add value to their leisure facilities with various benefits such as: - Service focused specifically on holiday clubs in all its variants - Total integration dynamics and services offered by our company. - Contribution to the increase in the value of the company to ensure tourist satisfaction with our services and therefore the place where they are - Positive and active participation in customer experiences - Working space reduced to a minimum - Equipment specially adapted for hotels and entertainment venues in general - Specialized staff is paid for and organized by our services - Immediate printing of photographs on paper and / or USB - Choosing our services hotels they have benefited from an increase in the rating of Tripadvisor and


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